Did John Abraham lose too much muscle in Pokhran?

Preview: And what he should have done to avoid this!

Just a few weeks backs your Adi bro was watching the movie Parmanu. I can’t help but notice that he looked FAT and not JACKED.

Of course! He is an actor and the role demands it!

But what happens when you live in a Pokhran situation?

You work/study 10-12 hours a day. You take pride in your Job and give it everything you’ve got. You live your life in the office.

You neglect your body, the only permanent vehicle you’ve got. You don’t exercise, you don’t eat good nutrition and you lose your hard earned muscle.

So what could John have done to avoid this?

Well! To begin with, he should have simply instructed the army chef to cook more protein-rich food! (If you have never been to army camps, they have excellent facilities, cooks and the food is very cheap.)

Stuff like chicken, eggs in their lunch and dinner.

He could have asked to get more salads during their evening snacks and during their lunch

He could have carried protein bars, mixed nuts and seasonal fruits to maintain energy and hydration levels during his long hours of work on the field

He should have done compound lifts 3 times per week and he would have easily maintained his peak shape even in those demanding conditions.

He should have simply enrolled in my 6 months to SuperHero program to focus on his movie and let me take care of his body conditioning.


Anyhow, maybe you can do better than John!


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