Don’t make it too hard for yourself!

I am Vegan, lactose intolerant and I don\’t want to take supplements, How can I get Jacked?

A good Friend (say, Ajay): Adi Bro, meet Rupesh (name changed)! He is my close friend and wants to get ripped.

Me: Hey Bro! Good to know! So what kind of physique you want?

Rupesh: Buddy, I want to look like Ranveer Singh!

Me: Awesome!!

Rupesh: I want to join your program! So, when shall we start?

Me:(Hold on Tiger..) Do you know the details of my program? Are you aware on what needs to be done in terms of diet and workouts? Are you willing to work hard and be disciplined?

Rupesh: Yeah Bro! I\’ve seen Ajay’s results and when it comes to diet and workouts, I assure you that I will follow to the T.

Me: Alright, then let\’s start!

A week later, I sent him his diet & workout schedules.

Rupesh: Umm Bro! I am lactose intolerant! I can’t take milk or paneer!

Me: Alright, no problem.

So, I changed his diet.

Rupesh: Umm bro, in our family, we don\’t eat processed food like corn flakes, oats, breads etc. Can I have boiled potatoes, fruits instead?

Me: Sure, no problem.

Again, I have to change his diet.

Rupesh: Bro! I dont want to take protein supplements! I heard bad about them.

Me: But Bro, you are pure vegan! You can not take dairy or eggs! If you dont take supplements, how are we going to meet our daily protein intake?!?

Rupesh: I understand Bro! But, I have heard bad about supplements. And to be frank, i dont want to be dependent on them. Can we use pules, lentils and chickpeas instead in my daily diet?

Me: Alright Bro! I will make changes in your diet. But it’s gonna be a lot of work cooking all this stuff daily basis.

Rupesh: No problem, my wife can take care of this, plus we have maid so its not a problem.

Me: Alright! No problem! I will change his diet.

Rupesh: Bro! We have a problem! I showed my diet plan to my wife. And she threw it away, saying who makes such stupid diet plans. I have to spent the entire day in kitchen to cook all this. I am not doing this!

Me: Hmm.

Finally, I told him the possibility of free cancellation and the benefits of full refund.

Rupesh: Bro! So, are you saying that I can not get ripped?

Me: (Not intending to break his heart) Nah Bro! Not like that! Just that, the methods I use may not be that effective in your case.

The best part is, with money out, we are still good friends.

Long story short, fat loss can be difficult on itself. Just don\’t impose too many restrictions that it becomes impossible.

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