I wasted years and lakhs of Rupees on free information!

And what I learnt from my mistakes!

Back in days when I first got into bodybuilding, I became a cyber nerd. Spending hours on endless surfing and researching every single website my mouse could click on.

I literally studied for 4 years before one day, I finally decided to quit.

Why did I quit?

There was a significant improvement in my physique.

Now, I have learnt a lot. Actually a lot! In fact, I have a freaky knowledge, that can scare people with nutritional facts and figures making them quite and listen to me.

However, deep down I was sad and felt not jacked. I didn\’t look like I\’ve been hitting the gym for 4 years.

enough with these freebies, bit and nuggets. I want complete information from an authentic source! I want results!!

So, I decided to take professional bodybuilding coaching, Certified Trainer course from ISSA.

I was willing to pay the price. Which I did, and to this date it was one of my best investment.

That said, What is the real problem with free information??

Lack of creditability: First of all, I realized this problem only 2 years ago. That is, 98% of the articles on the internet are written by freelance bloggers and the real experts (whom we follow) just agree to give their name.

Misfit: Also, I didn\’t even know if the diet plan or the workout is actually applicable to me.

Broken System: In addition, one of the common problems of all these article and videos were, they are inherently broken. You cannot just take one article and video to achieve results. You really have to go through all the articles and then use your judgement to apply it.

Zero accountability: Finally, the accountable factor. Yes, the author, ghost or actual write a general article for the mass. Even if I use this information as it is, there is no guarantee of results.


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