Is Keto the best diet for fat loss?

Keto is getting a lot of reps these days. Everybody seems to be talking about keto. People give rave reviews about it. But is it really the best.

As a research student, I always look at any claim from every possible angle.

First, the research:

To put it very simply, there is no, ABSOLUTELY NO, research to support that keto is better than low carb or low fat diet.
The fundamental is very simple, keto right away restricts outside eating and junking and people start seeing weight loss right away.
The second thing with keto is the jumpstart of water weight. As we remove carbs from our diet, the body loses water weight and we see a rapid drop in weight

Second, the experiment:

I ran keto on my students but very carefully, I kept them on a maintenance calorie state and results as you might have guessed. 0. They lost nothing, over the period of 2 weeks, they lost no weight. Weight loss started from 3rd week when I cut calories from their diet.

I ran the same experiment with low carb diets, with carbs more than 100 gms/ day. Same results.

The point I am trying here is to keep the fundamentals in mind. Caloric deficit leads to fat loss and not any specific diet pattern.


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