The best advice I ever got!

Back in 2001, when I just started bodybuilding, I was a school kid with little to no knowledge. So, I joined a new gym (this was a Powerlifter’s gym).

Every day, I will go to the gym and follow the same marathon routine of 2 hours. The routine includes workouts of all body parts, say, biceps, chests and shoulder.

After a few months, I started whining to my coach!

Me: Sir, my biceps are not increasing!

Coach: You have to do squats!

A few weeks later,

Me: I\’m doing chest twice a week and 5 exercises per work out and blah blah! But, my chest hasn’t improved.

Coach: Do squats!

Few more weeks later,

Me: Now that, I\’m doing shoulder twice a week and 5 exercises per workout and blah blah! Sadly, I\’m not seeing much improvement in my shoulder.

Coach: Do squats!

I felt sick, this dumb old man doesn’t know anything about bodybuilding. May be, I should have joined a bodybuilding gym. (I was coming for bodybuilding gym lol)

After a few days, it hit me! Like an \”AHA\” moment! Let’s Squat!!

Me: Sir, how do I squat?

Coach: I’ll show you!

That day, my coach spent more than 2 hours with me, teaching the correct form of squats, deadlift and bench press.

I changed my workouts, they were primarily built around compound lifts.

Within a few weeks, the plateau was broken and I could see myself getting bigger.

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