What’s in your fat burner?

Is L-Carnitine worth a shot ??

Recently I\’m receiving a lot of questions about supplements, especially fat burners/cutters.

L- Carnitine is a very popular fat burner/fat cutting agent.

But let’s back off a little bit and talk about fat burning in general.

So how does our body burns fat?

Well, it’s a three step process,

Step 1:
Our body releases fatty acids from the fat cells. Scientifically this is called Lipolysis.

Step 2:
Now that these free fatty acids are in the plasma, they need to be transported into muscle cells, where they can be burned off. Remember, fatty acids are like a virus. Isolating them is not enough. You need to Terminate them!

Step 3:
Once in the muscle cell, they can be burned/oxidized for energy production. And Voila!! We have lost fat!! This process is called Beta Oxidation.

Alright! Now that you know enough about fat loss to impress your friends, let\’s get back to L-Carnitine!

In Step 2, our body needs L-Carnitine to transfer fatty acids to the muscle. Our body produces Carnitine, but for athletes and people doing rigorous weight training, that amount is not enough. So, we need supplemental carnitine to ensure that fatty acids are transported to muscles rather to Fat cells.

So now, here is the problem with Fat cutters. Research shows that we need a minimum of 2-3 gms per day of Carnitine for fat loss.

However, most Fat cutters have just about 500 mg dose. And this is where they become ineffective.

So you can buy L-carnitine separately and make sure you are hitting the right dosage.


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