Can you fly like Salman khan?

Preview: If not, then watch Race 3 movie!

Actually NO, DO NOT watch it!! It is a horrible movie! I couldn’t stand it and left during intermission!!

So there is a scene, where Salman Khan flies like a superhero using some fancy gadget. He then lands into the fight scene and crashes it!

Speaking of superhero, they completely missed out one thing!

It looked like he is coming out of an off-season where he hasn\’t worked out for a long time, just eating a lot of junk, doing pushups, biceps curls and home workouts in his mom’s basement.

Too often we see celebrities get into awesome shape in one movie and then in the next movie they look like trash.

Why does this happen?

The reason is very simple, yet deep.

Celebrities/models are highly paid and highly motivated individuals.

When they take on a project, they give it everything they got. They hire the best trainers, give the shortest time possible where they are not shy of taking steroids.

They follow extreme routines and diet to get into the shape their role demands.

But what happens next? The movie is released, motivation is not there anymore and they finally give up!

They never changed their habits, they never learn nutrition and diet, they never learn solid workout principles and thus are unable to maintain their top shape once the trainer is out.

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