Why you should avoid my weight loss advice?

When I first started out online fitness coaching, I was super excited to help everybody. Anybody who wants to lose weight, Mom, Dad, uncle, aunty and many more!

Basically, anybody who was interested in my services.

As I worked with these people, I started giving them the right advice. I made them to,

    • Eat healthy and balanced, track your food.


    • Workout regularly, track your workouts


    Make regular progress etc.

I came to the realization that most of the people are just not willing to do the hard work. They are just not willing to change themselves.

They came to me because they have tried 100’s of other trainers and now they thought let’s try this one as well. All they were looking is to get a pill and change their lives without doing the legwork.

So, I stopped working with them. We were never really on the same page.


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