Why your trainers starts hating you?

Why would my gym trainer hate me??

A few years ago, I was working out at \”Popular Gym\” in Gurgaon.

The only reason I go there was that I knew the owner. But, the trainers hated me.

Anyhow, this is what happened.

Member: (Not knowing who I was or what I do) Hey Bro, I\’m XYZ! You\’ve got good muscles! What supplements do you take?

Me: Hi, XYZ! Umm.. not much! I take Whey regularly. Sometimes I take BCAA and pre-workout snacks. Nothing regular.

Member: That\’s impressive! You are getting good results!!

Me: Thanks.

Member: You know what! All the trainers here talk about u.

Me: What?

Member: They say, you take steroids and hence the results!

Me: Lol!!

How often it happens when you see someone driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini? You say, either he is so lucky or got rich parents!

Maybe they have, maybe not.

On the contrary, they could have worked their ass-off. Also, they have spent their life figuring out how money
and business works and how to make money faster than average folks!

It is possible that I spent my entire life figuring out the exact science of fat metabolism and muscle hypertrophy.

Maybe I figured out to control protein turnover and to use anabolism to build muscle & controlled catabolism to lose fat.

Also, I may know how to adjust my calories and macros, to gain muscles faster & how to identify select few exercises to gain strength faster and not waste my time in the gym.

Haters gonna hate! But you can drive a Lamborghini and let them keep chasing you in an 800!!

You can build muscle faster and let people around you, hate you for that by joining my 6 months to superhero program.


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