7 habits of highly ripped people

Master these habits and master your physique

Cut calories slowly – They cut their carbs and fat calories very slowly, not more than 200 calories at a time.

They HIIT it – They are HIIT-ing it all the time. Yes, slow cardio burns a lot of fat. But HIIT burns more fat overall and boosts metabolic rate as well. Clear winner!

Do Heavy Lifting – As they are equally concerned with building muscle as losing fat, they include heavy lifting in the routine.

Be active Always -These people are always active and don’t just sit around.

Track their foods – Track their food every single day and know exactly where they stand.

Eat the veggies – Protein is not the only thing for fat loss, they focus equally on getting enough fibre and vitamins to nourish their body

Don’t Ditch Fat – They know that a minimum amount of dietary fat is required to maintain testosterone levels and they never ignore it.

So these are the 7 habits, master them and soon you shall have control on your physique.


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