Can you train the Elon Musk way?

How would Elon Musk design your body transformation program if he were your coach?

I have been a big fan of Elon Musk, especially the way he is changing the world with his 3 companies Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity.

Every entrepreneur in silicon valley is looking a way to make more money on the internet. Either through their latest mobile app or through a fancy new gadget.

Similarly, our trainers also find innovative ways to restrict your calories. They give creative yet useless (from youtube) cardio exercises, giving you sleepless nights and hunger pangs.

But what if Elon Musk decided to take on fitness industry?

Scenario 1:
To start with, Elon came up with better solutions for making better cars. Instead of settling for the Hybrid ones, he built fully automatic electric cars.

So, he would not be satisfied with cutting calories. Rather he would build nutritional strategies to ramp up metabolism and use the body\’s inbuilt genetics to burn fat.

Scenario 2:
Next, Elon came up with a completely opposite solution. While everyone is looking to reduce pollution and increase lifespan on earth, Elon is a visionary! He is looking to make life possible outside earth!

Similarly, he would look for a completely opposite solution in fitness. He will look forward to increasing calories, building strength and improving sleep. He will also build a new Superhero by using the body\’s inbuilt genetic triggers to burn fat.

I designed my 6 Months to superhero program keeping Elon Musk\’s vision in mind.

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