With great body comes great responsibility!

Spiderman is not alone!!!

Back in 2014, I was working out in a local gym, preparing for Mr.Haryana competition.

Now, this gym was not one of the flashy ones! It is rather owned by a bodybuilder himself.

People would worship him like Guruji, touching his feet, paying due respect and all that stuff.

I wasn’t much into the Guruji stuff, I just used to work out there because it was like walking distance from my house.

Anyhow this is what happened, I started noticing regular conversations between Guruji and his students

Student1: Sir, cutting karni hai !(Sir, I want to lose fat)

Guruji: Handling a paper wrap, \”Ye goli le lo, din me do baar\”. (Take these tablets, twice a day.)

Student2: Sir, gaining karni hai! (Sir, I want to gain muscle)

Guruji: Handling a paper wrap, \”Ye goli le lo, din me 4 goli\” (Take these tablets, 4 a day)

It used to amuse me, what’s in those paper wrap??

Anyhow, few months later a student of guruji approached me, and asked, bhaiya guruji gave me these goli’s. Is it safe to use?

And then I realized, the cutting wrap had yellow coloured tablets, popularly known as Stanozolol.

And the gaining wrap had red coloured tablets, popularly known as Anabol.

It’s quite common for Delhi-NCR folks to take steroids. But what made me furious was, the guy had absolutely no idea that these were steroids and the potential side effects of its intake!

So be careful of what your Guruji is giving you if you happen to train under one of them!


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